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We are specialist suppliers of labour for resource, industrial and manufacturing applications and industries.Stevens Resources

Throughout our more than 20 year history, the key feature of Stevens Resources is our ability to adapt to the changing legislative, HR management, and industrial relations landscapes to provide our clients with a practical workforce solution so they can get things done.

Stevens Resources provide solutions for the following workplace problems:

Office, shop floor and mine site
Providing employees for operational roles; from the coal face and assembly line, to the laboratory and pay office.

Workers at all skill levels
Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour to cover all operational roles on a casual, part-time or full-time basis.

Turnkey solutions providing a total workforce for organisations that want to outsource all payroll, recruitment, and labour force management for a particular project, site or operation.

Workforce Management
Handling all workforce issues; hiring and firing, training, payroll, absenteeism and industrial relations.

Stevens Resources can provide a tailored solution to meet your requirements. From providing a single worker up to a several hundred people, Stevens Resources has the experience and track record.

Skilled Migrants
Stevens Resources has extensive experience with the recruitment of skilled migrants including running recruitment trips in to China, India, Philippines, UK and South Africa. We have a very good practical knowledge of what can be realistically achieved through Australia’s complex migration system and the ever changing landscape. Please contact us if you wish to access the skilled migrant pool or need other information.

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